“Nishiazabu Sushi Karin” is quietly located on a small street near Nishi Azabu crossing. With only 11 seats at the counter, the interior of the restaurant has a traditional Japanese taste with a hint of cool modern flavors, which feels like a secret private cozy space tailor-made for you.

We follow the traditional Edomae-Sushi methods for preparing Sushi. But, at the same time, we add our own modern ideas in order to enhance and take out the best taste and flavor of each unique fish. The combination of the old tradition and the modern approach will make our Sushi not only flavorful and tasteful, but also really original and artistic.

We are making our best efforts to give you the best experience and to spend wonderful time through sushi, sake, and our service. Please come visit us to spend a relaxing time with great Sushi at Sushi Karin.

We are looking forward to your visiting us very soon!

Our commitments


At Sushi Karin, the best quality fish, vegetables, and other ingredients are carefully chosen by our head chef and purchased from the market every morning.
In addition to using the best quality materials, we always try to maximize the characteristic taste and flavor of each fish by applying both the traditional techniques of Edomae-Sushi and our modern ideas.


We use the famous rice brand Uonuma-Koshihikari directly sent from our contracted farm, Karoku, in Niigata area of Japan.
Usually, Koshihikari is considered to be difficult to prepare for Sushi because of its sticky texture. At Sushi Karin, we had been through so many tests, and finally found the best condition, which not only enhances the great taste of Koshihikari, but also the taste of the rice blends beautifully with the vinegar and fish materials.


Traditionally, “red vinegar”, which has a unique umami and flavor, has been used for Edomae Sushi.
At Sushi Karin, we blend three different vinegars including the red vinegar to achieve our ideal flavor. When mix with the rice, you will feel its rich umami and flavor at the same time a unique strong personality.



Our Course Menu(Tax Included)

Introducing Chef’s Omakase course assorted with some Nigiri sushi and other small dishes using only fresh seasonal fish and other ingredients.
Please note that the prices or the number of dishes might be slightly changed depending on the season and availabilities of fish on the day.

  • Omakase with seasonal best fish 13,200yen
    • 5 Seasonal Japanese Dishes
    • 10 nigiri sushi by chef’s selection
    • Soup of the day
  • Omakase with Chef’s best selection 16,500 yen
    • 6 Seasonal Japanese Dishes
    • 12 nigiri sushi by chef’s selection
    • Soup of the day
  • Special Omakase Course 22,000 yen
    • *For this Omakase Course, please make a reservation with more 2 people and by 2 days before at latest. We can’t serve this menu with the same day notice.
    • 5 Seasonal Japanese Dishes
    • Sashimi Assortment Dish
    • Seasonal special seafood(ex King Crab, Real Japanese Tuna, Comparison of sea Urchins etc)
    • 12 nigiri sushi by chef’s selection
    • Soup of the day

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At request, we can prepare some flowers and/or cakes for your special occasion.

“Request from karin. Please refrain from the use of perfume when you come”



Address: 〒106-0031 2nd Floor of Iwata Building, 1-12-10 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-6271-5749

Open: 5PM-10:30PM. Mon.-Sun.

Close:Wednesday and Japanese national holidays

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